Product Range

From the purest place in the world.

Whether it’s a container load of salted hanks in barrels or a couple of tubes in a bucket we can tailor a specification to meet your requirements, no matter the calibre we’ll do our very best to make it happen.

Our natural casings come from one of the purest places on the planet – New Zealand. We make our casings following traditional techniques to produce products that are second to none.

Quality, Knowledge and Expertise.

Whilst we’re dealing with a natural product, we’re continually striving to deliver the highest levels of consistency and continuity for sausage makers. We know how important it is to have the very best casings to optimise your sausage making process. Through our intensive QA programme we continually monitor and adapt our process where required to ensure optimal product quality every single strand.

Sourced, processed & dispatched from New Zealand.