Product Range

We make 100% natural sausage casings, from New Zealand Sheep.

At The New Zealand Casings Co, we believe that Mother Nature does it best. So why mess with it. That’s why our sausages have only 2 ingredients – natural sheep intestines and salt. No chemicals, no additives and no nasty stuff. In fact, water is the only thing we use during the processing of our natural casings.

What’s so great about natural sheep casings?
Without a good sausage casing, you can’t have a good sausage.  Sheep casings have the thinnest wall of any natural sausage casing (even thinner than hog) so are less prone to chewyness and have an amazing ‘semipermeable’ wall which breathes, meaning none of your special sausage juices escape but all of the beautiful BBQ/cooking/smoking flavours can permeate the casing and infuse your sausage meat. The end result is a sausage with great flavour, texture and the much prized sausage “snap” that you can only get from a natural sausage.

Our Products
At NZCC we supply some of the best butchers and sausage makers around the globe. Whether you need a container load of salted hanks in barrels or a couple of tubes in a bucket we can tailor a specification to meet your requirements so get in touch with us.

For those of you looking to make your own sossies at home, we wanted you to have the same sausage making experience as the best in the business, so we’ve developed some products just for you. Try our 20 Home Starter Pack, which is threaded onto a hard pipe to make it easy for you to get onto your sausage maker nozzle and makes 6kg of sausages or about 85 sausages. Or our 90m Hunter Pack which are threaded onto soft tubes so no tangles and makes 28kg of sausages or about 360 sausages.   

Great for all types of sausages.

 When it comes to sausages, history and tradition guides which sausage casings to use for each type of sausage. However, there really is no technical reason that sausages have to be certain sizes, and therefore use certain casings. So we decided to respectfully ignore tradition and just focus on making the best sausage casings in the world. That’s why we make only natural sheep casings.
Our advice is, don’t get too caught up on the size of your sausage,  but if you really want to know, our sausage casings are great for breakfast sausages, frankfurters (hot dogs), landjaegar, makanek, chipolatas, cabanossi (kabana), bockwurst, nurnberger, chicken, pork, venison or halal sausages, bangers, snags, wieners, sossies, sausage rockets weenies, franks…yep, pretty much anything that you want to look and taste like a sausage. So go ahead, get stuck in and have some fun.

Sourced, processed & dispatched from New Zealand.