100% Natural Sheep Casings

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Without a good sausage casing, you can’t have a good sausage.
At The New Zealand Casings Co our goal is to make the best sausage casings in the world, so that you can make the best sausages in the world.

Your sausage casing is what keeps all your carefully chosen ingredients, flavours and juices in and it also dictates the texture and eating experience of your final sausage. Sheep casings are less prone to chewyness than hog casings and have an amazing ‘semipermeable’ wall which breathes, meaning your beautiful bbq/cooking/smoking flavours can permeate the casing and infuse your sausage meat. The end result is a sausage with better flavour and juiciness, great sizzle and the much prized sausage “pop” that you can only get from a sausage made with a natural casing.

Perfect for first time sausage makers, our 20m/65ft ‘The Craftsman’ makes 6kg/13lb of sausages (approximately 100 sausages)
Our 40m/131ft ‘Home Pack Hero’ makes 12kg/27lb of sausages (approximately 200 sausages).
Perfect for those serious sausage makers, our 90m/98yds ‘Butchers Best Friend’ makes 28kg/60lb of sausages (approximately 460 sausages).

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What sausages can I make?

Our casings are 24-26mm or 1″-1 1/16″ diameter (about the same size as a NZ $2 coin/US Quarter) making them ideal for any sausages including breakfast sausages, frankfurters, bratwurst, cabanosa, bratwurst, chipolatas, bockwurst, chicken, pork, venison, halal, bangers, snags, wieners, sossies, sausage rockets, weenies, franks…yep, pretty much anything you want to look or taste like a sausage. So go ahead, get stuck in and have some fun.

Storage Instructions. Please keep refrigerated.

Our casings are packed into a re-sealable pouch so you can use what you need and keep the rest for later. Our sausage casings are dry salted for preservation. They will last for at least 12 months as long as you follow the three golden rules 1) keep refrigerated 2) keep in an airtight container (or wrapped in clingfilm/gladwrap) 3) keep salted (if you have left over casing and have washed the salt off re-cover casing in standard table salt). We do not recommend freezing your casings.

Wholesale & Special Orders

We are a small New Zealand company so can meet most sausage casing requests. If you would like something different to the above, to place a Wholesale Order or for further product specifications please contact us.

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Product Details

  • 20m/65ft product is threaded onto 2x individual hard pipes, for easy transfer to your sausage maker. Each pipe has 10m/32ft of casing.
  • 40m/131ft product is threaded onto 4x individual hard pipes, for easy transfer to your sausage maker. Each pipe has 10m/32ft of casing.
  • 90m/98yd product is threaded onto 9x individual soft pipes. Each pipe has appx 10m/32ft of casing.
  • 24-26mm / 1″-1 1/16″ diameter sheep casings (diameter of sausage once stuffed). For details on how casings sizing works go to our FAQ page
  • We only use ‘A grade’ casings for this product and we are proud to have a no ‘shorts’ guarantee for our products. Shorts are the short off-cuts varying from 1m-6m in length. Shorts means more time, more wastage and more mess.
  • Our sausage casings are threaded onto tubes so that it is easier for you to thread them onto your sausage maker. 
  • We highly recommended using a 13mm/0.5″ nozzle on your sausage maker
  • Dry salted. Please soak for minimum 45mins before use
  • Please read the usage & storage instructions, included in your order.
  • Sourced from New Zealand farms where the animals are free range, grass-fed and fully traceable from farm gate to plate.
  • We only use two ingredients, natural sheep intestines and salt
  • All our products are Certified Halal
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