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Pork Back Fat for Sausage Making 3KG

- 3KG of Pork Back Fat strips for home sausage making.

- Fat is essential to a good sausage. Pork back fat is the best fat for sausages. It gives you a tastier, juicier sausage. A sausage without enough fat will be dry.

- Your finished sausage should be about 25-30% fat. If your meat does not have enough fat, add pork fat to make up the difference. All venison, beef and chicken, most cuts of lamb and some pork cuts will all need to have added pork fat. 

- As a guide, 3kg of pork fat needs to be added to the following quantities of meat to give you a meat/fat mix with 25% fat:

 Animal % Fat in Animal
KG Meat KG Pork Fat
Total Meat + Fat Total fat %
Venison 3% 11kg 3kg 14kg 25%
Beef 12% 20kg 3kg 23kg 25%
Lamb 20% 57kg 3kg 60kg 25%

- See our sausage fat blog article to learn more about fat in sausages, to work out how much fat your meat has and how to calculate how much additional fat you need.  

- The product is sent chilled. Please freeze immediately on arrival. You can use what you need then freeze the rest. Frozen shelf life 12 months.  Full usage instructions will be included with your delivery. 

We offer nationwide express shipping for a flat fee of $5. Free shipping for all orders over $100. See full shipping info & policy here. Sorry, due to the time that postage takes, we can not currently send orders for pork fat to a Rural Delivery address.