Guaranteed Quality

Quality Sausages Casings, Guarenteed

At The New Zealand Casings Co we’re sausage makers too. In fact, we would go as far as saying that Luke, the owner, is a sausage fanatic. That’s why our goal is to make the best 100% natural sausage casings in the world and why we don’t take short-cuts.

Our natural casings only come from New Zealand farms, where the animals are free range, grass-fed and fully traceable from from farm gate to plate. We make our casings following traditional techniques and adhere to strict product safety requirements and quality standards. We’re also a fully licensed export processing facility and we meet stringent New Zealand and International food standards and Quality Assurance programmes.

We continually strive to deliver products of the highest quality, consistency, safety and integrity so that you can make great sausages.

Never Trust a Straight Sausage

At The New Zealand Casings Co we always say ‘never trust a straight sausage’. That’s because if your sausage doesn’t smile, its made from a collagen casing. Collagen Casings were developed in a science lab and are made from the highly processed hides of cattle or hogs and typically contain lots of yucky stuff like sodium carboxymethylcellulose, mineral oil (otherwise known as liquid paraffin, a highly refined by-product of petroleum distillation) and ammonium hydroxide. The result is a collagen casing with a wall like soft plastic which means they don’t breathe in any of those beautiful BBQ flavours and aromoa’s or match the much revered ‘snap’ of a natural casing. So don’t be a silly sausage, choose a natural casing.