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At The Butchers Accomplice we’re on a mission to help you turn your wild (or not so wild) game into delicious, easy to make sausages and meals that make your taste buds boogie and your kids look up to you in awe.

Our sausage seasonings are specifically designed for home sausage makers, have been tested and approved by butchers, hunters, fancy chefs and home sausage makers and are FULL OF FLAVOR, NOT FILLERS. All you need to add is the meat, fat, water (and sausage casings) and you've got yourself a batch of beautiful sizzling sangers for the barbee.
Come on, give it a go!

Award Winning Recipes

The Butchers Accomplice is a collaboration between award winning sausage maker, master butcher and passionate foodie, Paul Greaney from The Chop Shop and The New Zealand Casings Co. Paul's snags are so good that in 2013 he took out the supreme award at the New Zealand Sausage Competition for his Village Pork Sausage. 

Our Sausage Seasonings come from Paul's secret stash of sausage recipes and are specifically designed for home sausage makers. Our goal is to make sausage making simple, enjoyable and delicious.

Full of Flavour, Not Fillers

As Paul Greaney says:

"i've never won a sausage award with a sausage that had fillers in it."

The best sausages are full of meat, fat and flavour. Nothing else. 'Fillers' are only added to sausages to make meat go further or the sausages last longer, so sausage manufacturers can make more profit. That's why we don't put any fillers or nasty stuff in our sausage seasoning packs. They are free from flour, breadcrumbs, rusk and ingredients containing MSG, E numbers, nitrates, sulphites, preservatives, anticaking agents, soy, gluten and dairy.

Simple Sausage Making

At The Butchers Accomplice, our goal was to make the home sausage making process simple and enjoyable, regardless of whether you are a first timer or a sausage making aficionado. That's why our seasonings have been tested and approved by real butchers, hard core hunter gatherer sausage makers, fancy five star chefs and first timer home sausage makers.

Our sausage seasoning packs include all of the herbs, spices, ingredients and full usage instructions you need to make lip smackingly good sangers. All you need to add is the meat, fat, casings and water (although a cold brew, sizzling BBQ and some mates is also recommended).

You can find the recipe and usage instructions here:

Great with Wild Game

New Zealand is nation of passionate hunters and we love the sense of pride and responsibility that hunters have for their animals. At The Butchers Accomplice we wanted to help hunter gatherers turn their wild game into delicious sausages. That’s why our Sausage Seasonings have been specifically designed to compliment wild game. So whether you’ve got venison, goat, chamois, tahr, pork, beef or lamb, grab a pack of our sausage seasonings and casings and make yourself a delicious batch of sangers.

As the legendary Steve Rinella says:
"when all is said and done, be a man and eat your kill’"

The Flavours

Our Goes with Everything is a mild yet perfect blend of salt, pepper, garlic, coriander & ginger. As the name suggests, it’s great with any combination of wild or farmed beef, lamb, venison, pork, goat, chamois, tahr, rabbit, chicken or anything else you can hunt, gather or find. Feel free to zoosh it up with your own secret herbs or spices.

This one is for the hunter gatherers out there who like a bit more of a flavour kick, but wont scare off the kids*. Packed with garlic, paprika, sage, mustard seeds, all spice & coriander, this is a delicious sausages seasoning that goes perfectly with venison or anything else with a set of horns.
* aka it is full of flavor but has been kid tested and approved and is not spicy.