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We make natural sausage casings, from New Zealand Sheep and Hog.

At The New Zealand Casings Co, our goal is to make the best sausage casings in the world, which is why we only sell natural sheep and hog casings.

Whether your a NZ based home sausage maker or local butcher or a bigger sausage manufacturer anywhere else on the globe,
we can look after your sausage with the best natural casings around.

The Best, From New Zealand

All our edible sheep casings come from one of the purest places on the planet – New Zealand. They are sourced from New Zealand farms, where the animals are grass-fed and free to roam our rolling green hills.  They are also free of artificial additives and growth hormones and are fully traceable from the farm gate to plate.

It’s little wonder that New Zealand sourced sheep casings are regarded as the best in the world – they have a cleaner, whiter colour, a wider calibre, deliver consistently higher quality product and will therefore ultimately make better eating sausages for your customers.

Exporting to the World

We are a small, 100% family owned company based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. We are one of New Zealand’s biggest processors and exporters of natural sheep casings.  We currently export our natural sheep casings to South Africa, France, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Korea, UAE, Singapore, Taiwan, America and Australia.

All our sheep casings are processed in our dedicated, Halal Certified*, sheep casings facility in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand by our team of passionate sausage casing specialists and experts.  Whether you need a container load of salted hanks in barrels, tubed nets in pails, retail packs for home sausages makers or something else we would love to hear from you. Here’s how you can reach us:

we export our natural sheep casings to some of the biggest sausage makers around the globe

NZ Local Butchers & Home Sausage Makers

As well as exporting around the globe, we sell wholesale sheep and hog casings to some of New Zealands biggest sausage manufacturers and best local butchers.  We also have a range of home sausage making packs, seasonings and sausage making equipment for home sausage makers.

If you’re a butcher or sausage manufacturer, you can sign up for a wholesale account right here or give us a call (06 650 4140). You will be able to see all of our products and order online which is super easy and super fast.

If you’re a home sausage maker, you can buy our products right here on this site.

Natural Sheep Casings

All our sheep casings are processed in our dedicated, Halal Certified*, sheep casings facility in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. We have an intensive QA programme and meet some of the most stringent QA programmes in the world (RMP, FDA).

We make all our sheep casings in New Zealand following traditional techniques, adding only water and salt (and no nasty chemicals). We are flexible and solutions focused and can customise orders to meet your unique requirements and calibrate casings to your exact specifications.

Our natural sheep casings are perfect for merguez sausages

Natural Hog casings

Even though we believe natural sheep casings are the best casings you can get, Natural Hog Casings are the most commonly used natural casing. They make delicious, fat, chunky sausages that will keep all your sausage juices in whilst absorbing all your BBQ aromas.

Our hog casing products are processed to our high quality standards in a specialist facility in Australia.

our natural hog casings are perfect for pork sausages

* Our natural sheep casings are Certified Halal by the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust (Halal License HL P2901/2020). We
currently supply our halal certified sheep casings to sausage makers in Egypt, Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia under strict halal requirements.

Note We do not process any Hog Casings in our Hawkes Bay facility. Our Hog Casings are sourced and processed in a separate facility in Germany or Australia.