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How does sausage casing sizing work?

Did you know that the size (width) of your sausage is dictated by the size of the sausage casing that you use?
For example, If you use a 24-26mm casing, your sausage will be 24-26mm wide.

Casings are generally sold based on their diameter (often referred to as ‘calibre’).
Natural sheep casings generally range from 20-30mm, sold as either 20-22mm (sometimes stated as 20/22), 22-24mm, 24-26mm or 26-28mm.
Hog casings generally fall between 30-45mm, usually sold as either 32-35mm, 35-38mm or 38-42mm.

Sheep casings will make a slim, narrow sausage. Hog casings will make a fat, chunky sausage.

Natural Sheep Casings - Slim, Tender & Juicy

We have two sizes of sausage casings in our online sheep casing products. We have a 19-21mm range, which are 19-21mm wide/diameter and a 24-26mm, which are 24-26mm wide/diameter.

Our 24-26mm edible sheep casings are about the same size as a $2 coin. They are great for any type of sausage but would traditionally be used for chioplatas, merguez, breakfast sausages or hot dogs. Kids often prefer sausages made with sheep casings.

Our 19-21mm edible sheep casings are about the same size as a 10c coin. They would typically be used for snack sticks and biersticks, but are also good for skinny chipolatas or breakfast sausages.

Sheep casings are suitable for fresh or cured sausages or smoking. All our natural sheep casings are Certified Halal.

sheep casings make slim, tender juicy sausages, perfect for hot dogs, chipolata, merguez, chorizo, pork sausage

Natural hog casings - big, fat & plump

The sausage casings in our online hog casing products are 32-35mm. This means they fall within the natural variation of size range between 32mm diameter to 35mm diameter, and that your sausage will therefore end up between 32-35mm wide. This is a bit smaller than a standard milk bottle top.

Our 32-35 mm edible hog casings would typically be used for Italian sausages, bratwurst, knockwurst, kielbasa, fresh or cured chorizo, andouille, chicken, pork, venison, lamb or beef. They are suitable for fresh or cured sausages and smoking.

hog casings make chunky sausages perfect for chorizo, beef, pork sausages,

What type of sausages are your casings good for?

When it comes to sausages, history and tradition usually guides which sausage casings to use for each type of sausage. A hot dog is traditionally always in a natural sheep casing 24-26mm.  A Bratwurst would traditionally always be in a Hog Casing.

However, there really is no technical reason that sausages have to be certain sizes, and therefore use certain casings. An English Pork Sausage will effectively taste the same whether it is in a 32-35mm hog casing or a 24-26mm sheep casing – or in our opinion, even better. So our advice is, don’t get too caught up on the size of your sausage – just get stuck in and have some fun.

pork chipolata sausages

How to calculate how much casing I need

It can be really confusing trying to work out how many sausages you can make with your sausage casings. Or how many metres of casings you need to buy for the amount of meat that you have so we’ve put together this very handy guide. Print it out and keep it somewhere handy.

As an approximate guide...

For our sheep casings (24-26mm):
- 1m of casings makes 0.31kg or 310g of sausages.
- Or if you have 1kg of sausage mixture you will need 3.2m of casings.

For our hog casings (32-35mm):
- 1m/3.3ft of casings makes 0.5kg or 540g of sausages.
- Or if you have 1kg of sausage mixture you will need 1.8m of casings.