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6 Pack - 'The Frankfurterstein' Natural Sheep Casings 24-26mm, 40m.

- PRICING: List price per pack $39.56. RRP: $70.99 (40% gross profit margin)

- PRODUCT FORMAT: This is a 6 pack of our 40m x 24-26mm retail casings pack. Each pack contains 4 x 10m length of natural, edible sheep casings. Developed for you to sell to customers wanting to buy casings for home sausage making.

- PRE-TUBED: Our casings are pre-threaded onto hard tubes for easy transfer to the sausage maker nozzle and no annoying knots or tangles.

- PRODUCT SIZE: A Grade Uniform 24/26mm. Your sausage will be 24-26mm once casing filled/stuffed. About the size of a $2 coin. For details on how casing sizing works follow this link. 

- UTILISATION: As a guide, with this 40m product you can make a total of approximately 12kg of sausages or approx 200 x 60g sausages. 

- NO 'SHORTS': We are proud to have a no 'shorts' guarantee. 'Shorts' are the short casing off-cuts that could only be 1m long that some manufacturers cheekily package up and sell off to home sausage makers.

- BEST BEFORE: Our products have a 12 month shelf life from the date of manufacturer. The product will will last this full time, even if opened, as long as our usage and storage instructions are followed.

- HALAL: All our sheep casings are independently audited and certified Halal by the New Zealand Islamic Development Trust. We have a dedicated facility that only processes sheep casings. Our hog casings are processed in a separate facility.

- ORIGIN: New Zealand sourced sheep, processed in Hawkes Bay

- MINIMUM ORDER: For wholesale customers, we require a minimum order of 3x 180m 'Nets' or $300 worth of product. 

- SHIPPING: We offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on wholesale orders over $300. Orders under $300 are subject to a flat fee of $10.00 excluding GST. Standard shipping 1-3 business days for North Island. 2-5 business days for South Island. Rural Deliveries may take another 1-2 days to arrive. Orders placed before 12noon will be dispatched the same day. We do not dispatch orders over the weekend.

- PAYMENT METHOD & TERMS: You will be emailed an Invoice for all orders placed on our wholesale shop. Standard payment terms are 20th month following date of invoice (dispatch date) or as agreed.  Please note there is no final 'checkout' page. When you click the 'Submit' button on the Cart Summary page your order will be placed.

- GST: Prices above and in your shopping cart are excluding GST. GST will be added to your invoice.

- NO BARCODE: Please note that the packaging for these products does not have a barcode printed on it.

- T's & C's: By placing an order you are accepting our Wholesale Terms & Conditions of Trade which can be found here.

- CONTACT: Any questions, contact us on 06 650 4140 or sales@nzcasings.co.nz 

Types of Sausages

History and tradition usually guides which sausage casings are used for each type of  sausage, and therefore the size of the sausage. However, there really is no technical  reason that sausages have to be certain sizes, and therefore use certain casings.

Our advice is, don’t get too caught up on the size of your sausage. Our natural sheep casings make slim, tender & juicy sausages and are traditionally used for chipolatas, breakfast sausages, frankfurters, hot dogs, cabanossi, chorizo, merguez, pork,  venison, lamb, beef, chicken or halal sausages .

Looking for a big, fat & plump sausage? Try our natural hog casings.

Usage & Storage Instructions:


1) Rinse casings thoroughly on tubes under cold tap.
2) Soak casings on tubes in warm water (99F - body temp) for minimum of 45mins or in cold water overnight.
3) Transfer from tube to sausage stuffing horn. Please use a 13mm/0.5" nozzle on your sausage stuffer.

- STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Please store in refrigerator. Once opened generously resalt any left over casings. Wrap in clingfilm and store airtight in our resealable pouch provided or in a container up to the best before date.

- SHELF LIFE: Our product has a 12 month shelf life from date of manufacturer. It will last it's full shelf life, even if product is opened as long as storage instructions are followed. 

See our full usage & storage instructions here.